jsMath (using LaTeX notations in the WIKI)

There are two things to install, jsMath (general system for including LaTeX formula in webpages) and a "recipe" that connects jsMath with pmWiki.

Install jsMath and jsMath image fonts in pub/

  • See JSMath install page
  • Test whether it works, by opening pub/jsMath/test/index.html in a browser

Install jsMath recipe for pmWiki

See this page

  • copy jsMath.php in cookbook/
  • Add include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/jsMath.php") ; at the end of local/config.php
  • Depending on the template, this does not always work (OK with monobook, problems with Glossy hue), this can be fixed by editing the .tmpl file of the template. See this link for more details. In short:
    • Insert at the end of <head> ... </head>:
        <script> jsMath = {Controls: {cookie: {scale: 120}}} </script>
        <script src="http://igc.loria.fr/pub/jsMath/plugins/autoload.js"></script>
  • Insert at the end, right before </body>:

Configure jsMath

To remove the font warning box, edit /pub/jsMath/easy , set showFontWarnings: 0, .

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